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What is digital marketing? Currently the role of digital marketing!

What is digital marketing Currently the role of digital marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing method used to promote products or services through the Internet and other electronic media. Through this, the organization or brand connects with their customers, provides information about the product or service, promotes the product or brand, and facilitates sales or service delivery.

Nowadays the role of digital marketing has become very important as most of the people of the world use the internet to search for information and shop online. Social media marketing, email marketing, website marketing, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) business, content marketing, video marketing, etc. are used for digital marketing.

Through digital marketing, companies can connect with customers, develop relationships, attract new clients and meet business goals. Also statistics and evaluation of the marketing part can be done and based on that advice and decisions can be made about the organization.

By the role of digital marketing in the marketing and promotion of services or products, organizations can reach a wider customer base, increase traffic and sales by ensuring proper segmentation and targeting. At the same time, digital marketing systems can generate better economic results by scaling up.

To summarize, digital marketing is a method of marketing a brand or organization for any product or service through the Internet and other digital media through clean, targeting and exposure.

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing and why? Promotion of your business products, brand through electronic media/online is called digital marketing. Simply put, digital marketing is one of the largest and most advanced business advertising mediums today. You can promote your business products through digital marketing through any medium. Look, thousands of men and women like you are now using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. And we constantly see different types of advertisements. And the digital marketing that is done using them as a medium is called digital marketing through social media. There are many other such mediums. For example, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and e-mail marketing. Again we radio, The advertisements that we see on television are also under the scope of digital marketing. Again, all the advertisements that are given through the instant messages that come to our phones, electronic billboards or mobile applications are also digital marketing. You must have now understood what digital marketing is all about. But this concept is much broader. Discussed below. 

Types of Digital Marketing

As mentioned earlier, digital marketing has a lot of scope. So in brief some digital marketing issues are discussed. 

Search Engine Marketing

Suppose you have an e-commerce website. Someone entered a keyword and searched for your website but Google may not show it on the first page Because in this competitive age, people are constantly creating websites and many are decorating their websites with the same keywords. Everyone is trying to make their content the best to be on the first page of Google. Someone is choosing Google’s paid marketing method for this. Every search engine like Google, Yahoo has an option to advertise. These search engines show your content on the first page of the search engine in exchange of money. If you find it difficult to understand, then it is my responsibility to explain it to you. Let’s try to understand through example. 

Look at the picture above. When I typed “Digital marketing” and searched on Google, the first 3 results that appear on the first page of Google have Ad/Sponsored written in small letters next to them. That is, this website is advertising here by paying money to Google. As a result, if you search the contents of their website, Google will show the content of their site first. This is called PPC campaign ie pay per click. Let me explain it to you. So search engine marketing is very cost effective in terms of digital marketing which will help increase your return on investment.

Content Marketing

The one-time richest man Bill Gates said at a conference that “Content is King” is indeed true. This content will play the most important role in the current or future market places. I would say if you want to do marketing then you can do content. If you want, you can publish an attractive description of a product, subject or object online through a blog post, audio or video. You can also do digital marketing of various products through content creation. Content marketing is the promotion of a product or brand through blogging, describing your product, audio, video or posting.

Social Media Marketing

I would say there is no platform more active than social media these days. Opening a Facebook page and group for your online business is very important for social media marketing. Read the article on the importance of Facebook pages and groups in this online business to know why you need to open pages and groups for marketing on social media. 

At present, since people are constantly paying attention to various social media, marketing here will bring success. Different social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Here you can promote your business if you want. 

Marketing on social media can be done in 2 ways.

  1. Free Marketing
  2. Paid Marketing 

If you want, you can sell your products in groups, pages for free in various ways. Or you can also use paid marketing methods. By advertising for money you can promote your business and increase sales. YAS Digital Agency marketing services can be a trusted medium for this.

E-mail Marketing

If you consider the context of Bangladesh, you will see that e-mail has not become that popular. But in foreign countries email marketing is considered with blood. So if you want to promote your business in foreign countries as well then you can follow e-mail marketing strategy. 

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is now in everyone’s hands. And it is possible to do many business problems using this medium. Every day before we wake up we check our phone notifications. And there are about 7-8 messages from the company a day on the phone. You can also increase your sales by sending such promoting messages to customers. In this case you will save. 

Web Analytics

Analyzing detailed information about the visitors of a website like how many people are visiting your website, from which area they are visiting, what age group is visiting etc. is called web analytics. There are various web analytics Google Analytics, Bing Analytics, Yahoo Analytics are among them. It helps to get information about the visitor along with other information. Every advertiser uses web analytics to understand where your business can go in the future. 

Why Everyone is Leaning on Digital Marketing

Before starting digital marketing you must know why people are doing so much digital marketing now. Let’s find out. When you sit down to watch news or any program on TV, various types of advertisements appear during the breaks. Well, are all the ads that are important to you? Of course not. Your unnecessary ads will be shown on TV because TV doesn’t know what your taste or interest is. Are you surprised after writing? No wonder then read the following section. Let’s assume you are an unmarried young man. Now if you see a diaper ad in front of you, will your ado be of any use? Or will it benefit the company? No one will benefit. It will only cost the company extra money. On the other hand, take You are watching a cooking video on YouTube. And in the middle of a cooking video, you saw a company ad about the best spices in the market. If you are interested in cooking, I can say with 99% certainty that you will buy the masala. Try it once and see how the spice is. Then the product of the company will be sold from this advertisement and the advertisement will reach the right place and the company will get more profit with less cost. 

If you’re smart you probably know what I mean by now. Through digital marketing you can find the target customers of your products very easily and the cost is comparatively less.

Digital Marketing in Business

If I personally want to buy a product, I am not sure whether the product is really good or not after watching the advertisement and video about that product. Or which brand’s product price will match my budget etc. Then I buy the product that I like overall by placing an order online. And during Corona, it is not possible to go out and shop in the crowd. So day by day people are becoming more dependent on online shopping. Thousands of people like me are now preferring online platforms for shopping. So this time the better the advertising of the product, Customers will also buy his product. So if you are a business person then you must promote your products through digital marketing. About 2 billion people in the world are using social media. And this number is increasing day by day. The more people use the internet, the more exposure you can get to your product. According to a survey, about 55% of people buy their products from social media. Then you understand how important digital marketing is in business today. 


There are many other such marketing, viral marketing, affiliate marketing etc. Among all the marketing, find the best marketing for your business. If you want to promote the business through the above mentioned topics then contact us. 

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